My day off as Mom


“Q, I need a break! It’s been a year I wanna get away from the baby and let her get used to being independent.” I told my husband with a finality.

“Alright. Jus say when.” 

“Huh?!” He didn’t even put up a fight. I was kinda bummed that he didnt. “Why aren’t you fighting me on this?”

“Why would I? You really do deserve a break.”

Something’s definitely fishy…

“Is there a match that day you wanna watch? Are your friends coming in? Because none of that is possible you’ll have S to take care of and she’s gonna be a handful!”

“There’s nothing like that going on. I will be here with the baby full time so you just relax and go out with your girls.”

“You take out the fun if you be understanding!” I pouted. 

It’s true I mean I was prepared with a big speech and all!


My holiday



“So bye, she is now okay but she might cry… Just give her some of my milk then but until then don’t touch it.”

“This is the hundredth time you’ve told me that. Go!” He said.


Good gossip session with my girlfriends over coffee.

A nagging feeling about something going wrong at home in the back burner.


Shopping with my girls. Stared at cute stuff that wouldn’t fit me anymore, sulk and then buy feeding bras.

Almost dialed Q to ask him about her.


On the way to lunch in a fancy restaurant.

See a mom n me store in the mall and bawl my eyes out missing my baby. Tell my friends later and head home to see her.


“Honey, I am home.”


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  1. Diya Loveson says:

    You do have a great guy for husband! Enjoy your time with the little one !

    Liked by 1 person

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