Delivery options – Which one is right?


Prescript: This post should have made to this blog long time ago… but better late than never I guess.

I am a first time mother and have considered this question quite so many times when I was nearing the due date that it feels ridiculously old news to me. But there are still people out there who have so many questions and concerns. I must confess that I have been paranoid par none when I was pregnant, all hormonal and weeping at the drop of a hat,which wasn’t a pretty sight. But it did me good to read up and try keep my paranoia at bay at least for a while.

What’s common?

  1. Preterm labor. Right now 37 weeks is the gestation period that’s being suggested by the doctors, so ladies if you are being sought to go into labor earlier don’t panic. One of most important things when you go into labor – don’t panic!
  2. Braxton’s Hix. At around fifth month(a few may experience them earlier or later) you will experience some pains as a forerunner to the actual labor pains but they don’t result in anything and dull down after a few hours. It’s normal, don’t panic.
  3. Water breaking and consequences. If your water breaks, you have at least 36 to 48 hours before you can have an operation if the labor pains do not start. It’s a myth that baby maybe dried or observe discomfort, just keep drinking water, you can even do mild exercises for initiating the labor. No sexual intercourse during this time though.
  4. EPO capsules. While the essential oil – Evening Primrose is useful in effacing the vaginal walls and making it easier for the final stage of the labor when the baby’s head is tearing up the vagina to come out. It definitely does not do more than that. Do not put the oral capsules in the vagina, because it may cause yeast infection as the capsules generally contain glycerin.
  5. Walking / Exercise for labor. Definitely a must during the whole term of pregnancy. The vaginal walls should be warmed including the buttocks and pelvic region in order to facilitate smoother labor unless advised otherwise by your OB-GYN.
  6. Sex for easy labor. There is some truth to this although not much, the oxytocin hormone released after the sexual intercourse, and the release of progesteron into vagina after ejaculation will help in thinning the womb sack. Although it will only happen if the body is ready and needs a push towards delivery. Otherwise sex will not speed up the labor date so you can go ahead and enjoy it, unless advised otherwise by your OB-GYN.
  7. Due date concept. Firstly, this is really a BS created by our dear medical fraternity to have the mothers to be on toes and in anticipation. I don’t believe in the calculations or the calculations involved in arriving at a particular due date are generally for women whose cycle occurs promptly in 28 days, which is not the case with every woman. So yea I wouldn’t give this much thought.
  8. Labor Pains / Contractions. The pains occur from the middle section of your hip and spread outward towards the front of your pelvic region and they are slow at first once every hour or so, and then they speed up with decreased intervals and increased intensity. Generally when the pains are 3 minutes apart you are advised to visit with your hospital, I have observed that women who opted to go to the hospital immediately after their first contraction generally say that they have been given the epidural earlier than necessary leading to the inevitable C-section which seems to be a little truer as the doctoring and hospitalization has evolved to become a commercial enterprise and epidural is charged separately. So you can wait up at home and arrive at the hospital once your contractions are 30 minutes apart each and then continue to wait for your little one at the hospital for the rest.

So lastly, all the best and do whatever but never panic in any situation. Everything can be taken care of.


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