Being a Mommy Update!

After a waiting for 60 straight hours in labor I finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!

That moment when the doc first showed her to me, she took my breath away… it is something I would wish for every parent out there! It is the single most precious moment of my life when I welcomed another into it…and now she’s a little person.

The first two days of my motherhood were cruel, immediately after the birth I missed my swollen belly, missed my baby with me and then there was the whole not lactating yet, and then the stitches being too sore to hold the baby near myself it was hell for me to put it gently.

I cried non-stop, got a feeling the whole universe was against me, and I had to somehow show it that I can.

And show it, I did. I could get up by myself and move about in less than 24 hours after my C-section and I was able to fold myself by the third day!


This update has been long pending in my drafts list all these days but,nonetheless, I wanted it to be in my posts. So here it is. My baby is now 6 months old and more on other subject coming right up!



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