Final Haul!!

So yes, according to the doctor this is the last week of my pregnancy.

I am having swollen feet and fingers since past three weeks and I’ve heard that it is a common thing, and when not accompanied by high blood pressure, headache and nausea there’s nothing to worry about.

I have been attempting Perineal Massage these few days to get my vaginal walls wider for the onset of the labor. It’s simple really you can follow this blog to get a better idea about the how to. Before you attempt to do the massage though, consult your health care provider, if you are not sure of the procedure with just seeing the pictures, you can ask your midwife to help you out do the first few massages until you get the hang of it.

I must say that I was a little late to the massage, but this massage is more beneficial if done from 34 weeks of the pregnancy, again please ask your health care provider if this is something that would benefit you specifically.

Enough said, I am prepared with all the homemade recipes for the baby; laundry detergent, baby powder, baby bath mix, baby massage oil. Everything. The recipes can be found in my blogs linked.

I don’t think the anxiety has set in yet in me, but I can see it in little peeks here and there when I get Braxton hicks and I think there it comes. But otherwise I think I am going to miss this sucker in me. And then pretty soon it will be a person living outside of me to whom the world starts and ends with me.

Can’t wait to welcome the baby home. And be one helluva mom!


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