Pregnancy Sleeping Paterns


Tossing and turning in the night? Finding that comfy position so difficult to find that it’s almost impossible to foresee enjoying some good sleep at all during this stint?

Don’t worry, been there felt that. While searching for the easier sleeping patterns online I stumbled upon the miraculous ‘Pregnancy Sleeping Pillow‘ I have brushed it off to being a sales hack seeing as the price of one was way over my budget. But if you are with the resources and can afford to buy the pillow then you should go for it. I am in my 9th month now, and have received this U-shaped pregnancy pillow as a gift in my 7th month, and I must say it is a lot comfortable and space saving on the bed than boosting yourself with regular pillows on either sides. And if you cannot afford the so-called pregnancy pillow,then worry not you can still enjoy a full night’s sleep without as much tossing and turning with regular pillows just fine.

I have found this video on how to sleep like a baby when you are expecting one on baby center and I have followed one of their methods all through my second trimester and partly into my third trimester. I was able to sleep just fine, without waking up with a back pain or stiff neck.

If you are considering on buying a pregnancy pillow then follow this video before making your choice of the pillow. Because there are many options these days and you don’t want to end up with a pillow that doesn’t cover your sleeping needs and end up paying a lot of something you end up regretting having bought.

Hope this helps. Do let me know what method worked for you.


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