The First Trimester

I am sure for each one of us has a rather amusing anecdote that leads to the life-changing discovery. Though mine wasn’t as dramatic I’d say it was welcome news considering the circumstances.

Okay I must tell you, and I can’t stress that enough, I am an Indian and if you are married in here, the news of your pregnancy should hit your circles by the time you step out of your honeymoon glory. No career hold ups, no family planning crap, no deciding to wait so your spouse and yourself can spend together knowing each other, nothing. But, I’d like to consider myself a rebel in that aspect; I stood my ground for 5 years. At every social function you show up there are those that block your path and ask you how long have you been married, and kids, when you say not yet, they would go¬†‘Aw, don’t worry’ as if, if I really had a problem with not having kids her saying that would give me the solace *roll my eyes*

So anyway, to say that it was a momentous event when I announced is to put it mildly. We had a party, a shout out, romantic dinners, family dinners, and the works. And that was my discovery.

And then came the jitters, why? Thank you the society! I am 30 years old and believe it or not in my country it’s consider being too old to bear a baby safely. I am considered over aged. No gawk yet, there are more where this came from. So yeah, I am old so I was asked to take up the progesterone injection treatment and she did fairly harass me into taking up her advice threatening the future and safety of the baby to come. And being as I am these days, super emotional and jumpy I heeded to her advice. I took progesterone injections in my first trimester once a week. And two weeks into my second trimester, I took them orally.

But I still had issues here and there which I would like to share here, along with what I did to pacify/cure them.

Morning Sickness:

I was one of the luck few women who experience no morning sickness. I thank my lucky stars for that one. But I experienced bloating and severe gastric trouble during my first trimester. I mean it felt like my stomach lining is eroding and my liver and pancreas are on fire! That kinda trouble. I have used cumin concentrate, recipe you can find here, this recipe has been researched by my mother and it worked like a charm on me and bloating problems. So all those women who have the similar problem, you can consider using it.

Getting over emotional:


I am an emotional person but not overtly so, but the pregnancy hormones had my emotions in a whirlwind, not in the funny sitcom kinda way but really annoyingly so. I cried and I was cranky all the time for little things. I can’t thank my husband enough for having borne all this crankiness in me. I mean I was like a mega bitch once and a mellowed down puppy the next. It was annoying. Again on my mom’s advice I used stress relief oil on my forehead and temples right before I slept and all was fine. I could at least concentrate on what’s important. You can find the recipe of this oil here.

Vaginal Infections:

It was night time that day when I woke up to sudden itchiness and burning in m vagina. I had just checked what that could mean online and wept myself to sleep that night. Turns out every one in four women have this problem and most often leads to problems during labour, which the blog mentioned could range from early labour to eclampsia during labour. In my sleep clogged brain I was the unlucky one to face this problem, and ultimately doom my child of a happier childhood. And hence I cried and wept and my sniffing sounds might have gotten louder because my husband woke up beside me and was asking me to explain to him why I was weeping and wailing at three in the morning! I rushed him to the emergency OP unit at the nearby hospital, and had my infection checked. And to my relief it was nothing but a dryness there which caused the problem. No infection. On knowing this it made me cry again, but this time with happiness. So yeah I guess all those expectant mothers reading this would be relate to me when I say that pregnancy can make a hypochondriac out of the toughest of us.

Anyway, the reason for dryness mentioned by my doctor was pH imbalance. It is really important during pregnancy that we maintain the pH levels near our vagina by having it cleaned regularly. I used Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene Wash and it was effective till date.

Physical Workout Sessions

I was advised by the doctor to stay off the gym for this time, but to continue with the walking not brisk but at a normal pace. The walk really did help me with jitters and also my bloating problems. The release of endorphin after a walk was all it took for me to function better for the rest of my day and also sleep better. So you might consider adding a walk to your daily schedule.

Yoga for Stress-relief

I haven’t tried this personally, because well I hate breathing, not the normal one but the excessive one that usually happens in Yoga. But you can try it; I have added a separate post explaining what changes you should make to the regular so you can accommodate the workout even while you are pregnant. Please find it here.



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