Stress Relief Oil

Do you toss and turn in the nights? Are you pregnant? New mom? Just plain nervous about tomorrow’s test/event/meeting? Well, join the band wagon. It is a well known fact that any tumultuous change happening in your life leads to the lack of sleep on the night before / after / during. Ultimately, your sleep is what’s effected. But the better you sleep the better your day will turn out to be.

Sleep deprivation is a serious problem that can not only poses smaller problems as irritation and frazzled nerves but also leads to chronic problems such as insomnia and obesity.

This post provides a calming oil recipe that can be used before you turn to bed to calm your senses and find the sleep that you so much deserve.

Note: The recipe in this post does not claim to guarantee the sleep which may have eluded you because of different reasons because even though you surround yourself with calming, soothing smells you will still have to switch off your brain and tell it whatever is troubling you now can still be dealt with tomorrow after a good night’s sleep!

Now the recipe…


2 table spoons                  carrier oil (preferably unscented) – I used vegetable oil

10 drops                             lavender essential oil (alternatively if its available, you can use the flowers)

2 drops                               patchouli oil


  1. Heat the oil to slightly more than lukewarm temperature. Keep observing until the oil starts thinning. Carrier oils are lighter and do not need a lot of heat for them to thin.
  2. Add the essential oils to the heated carrier oil.
  3. Let the mixture cool to room temperature and store it in a roll on or just a normal container.

Use this oil over your temples and forehead before you sleep.

Empty your mind of all the nonsense that will still be there tomorrow.

And enjoy your sleep!


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