The nothing fits me anymore stage!

Having successfully waded through the first trimester of pregnancy I kinda felt like a mountain lifted off my shoulders, having entered into the second trimester. There were no severe gas troubles, no hormonal ups and downs,  and no feeling anxiety on noticing the little things. Now was the time for cravings! I dint have any weird pot head cravings that many women seem to have. I craved every recipe that my mom used to prepare when we were little. Like cotton candy, milk sweets, biryani and all things Indian. I couldn’t thank my lucky stars enough because until just before pregnancy I was living in Marseilles, France where getting these would have been impossible.

And then I hit my fifth month! The bump started to show a little, I barely had anything in my closet that fit anymore. So I resorted to shopping for my new shape. I have shopped like a brain damaged monkey with a credit card! I mostly made my purchases online because one can’t torment themselves to go out in the tropical sun.



Here’s a simple checklist that I came up with while trying to figure this out that worked for me;

  1. Are you working during your pregnancy?
  2. Are there any social events that are planned that must be attended during your term?
  3. You will be pregnant during summer or winter?

After pondering over these questions you do come to a fairly plausible solution for your clothes problem. One thing you should never skimp on is the bra. I am on the heavier side in my chest and had a sore nipple problem from second trimester itself. I found that if I wore soft cotton nursing bras instead of the lace or polyester variety  I had much relief.

I always made sure to leave my breast unbound during the nights and wore a tight slip to keep them in place. That helped me with the sore breasts problem too.

Apart from this, I was continuing on my daily walks for 3 to 4 km per day. This resulted in a good night’s sleep. Sleep was something I had to come to terms with during this trimester of which I will tell you all about in my next post.




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