5 things I will teach my daughter

1. Learn to take a compliment. Take it literally don’t try to find what they might have meant by it. Makes your life easy. 2. Know that you ARE beautiful. People, whoever they are who find you less than that are only trying to fit you into conventionality. You are too different for it. 3….

My day off as Mom

The day when I decide I had enough of being stay at home mom.

Delivery options – Which one is right?

Prescript: This post should have made to this blog long time ago… but better late than never I guess. I am a first time mother and have considered this question quite so many times when I was nearing the due date that it feels ridiculously old news to me. But there are still people out…

Being a Mommy Update!

After a waiting for 60 straight hours in labor I finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! That moment when the doc first showed her to me, she took my breath away… it is something I would wish for every parent out there! It is the single most precious moment of my life when…

Final Haul!!

So yes, according to the doctor this is the last week of my pregnancy. I am having swollen feet and fingers since past three weeks and I’ve heard that it is a common thing, and when not accompanied by high blood pressure, headache and nausea there’s nothing to worry about. I have been attempting Perineal…

Pregnancy Blues

Today is one of those days I am feeling a special case of pregnancy blues… you know that feeling when you wake up and feel, ‘Ah crap! It’s morning again!’ I am in my third trimester now, and some how I am hit with the blues. Strangely, I don’t think I am feeling like this…

The First Trimester

The day I discovered the two lines on my stick and all nerves broke loose.